Understanding and Preventing Child Sexual Abuse: A Primer for Parents and Caretakers

Parents, grandparents and other caretakers often have many questions about speaking to their children about abuse and in otherwise keeping them as safe as possible. This article poses a number of common questions and provides answers written by the staff of the National Child Protection Training Center. Downloadable Version (PDF)

Definitions of Child Abuse and Neglect

There are numerous federal and state laws that define child abuse and neglect. In determining whether or not a specific action violates civil or criminal law, it is necessary to consult with local authorities. The following general definitions of child abuse and neglect are taken from the World Health Organization and the International Society on Child Abuse and Neglect.
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What Would Walther Do? Applying Law and Gospel to Victims and Perpetrators of Child Sexual Abuse

Many clergy and other church leaders have limited training on the dynamics inherent in a case of child abuse. As a result, pastors unwittingly apply the law to victims of abuse and the gospel to child abusers. This article, originally published in the Journal of Psychology and Theology, details the dynamics of child abuse and some of the common characteristics of sex offenders and offers a theologically sound approach to addressing the spiritual needs of both victims and offenders.
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Suffer the Children: Developing Effective Church Policies on Child Maltreatment

Although churches, synagogues, temples and other places of worship are increasingly implementing policies to protect children from abuse, the policies adopted are often inadequate and of limited value. This article includes ten concrete suggestions for faith institutions that will aid in developing and implementing policies more likely to keep children safe.
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