Freedom from Despair – Freedom for Praise

“A garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.” Isaiah 61:3

Freedom from despair

Cassie could tell when it was coming. She knew where her father was going when he left. She could hear the door slam when he returned. She could smell the alcohol on his breath as soon as he entered her room. This happened for many years. It has left her with feelings of despair. The circumstances of your abuse may be similar to Cassie’s. Or they may be quite different. But the despair is the same. Will I ever recover from this? Will the images in my mind and the agony in my soul ever diminish? God offers us hope. He invites us to enjoy freedom. He can take our spirit of despair and replace it with . . .

Freedom for praise

Perhaps you are familiar with a man named Job. He lived thousands of years ago. Like you, he was abused, not sexually but in other ways. He was abused by Satan himself. Satan killed his children, took away his wealth, his health, and even turned his wife against him. Then Satan sent Job some friends who really didn’t understand him. What they said and did only hurt him all the more. Sound familiar? People in this life can hurt us or let us down. And that only adds to our feelings of despair. But just as God eventually brought help and healing to Job, so he can do the same for you. Instead of living with the constant memory of what Satan has done to you, God helps you heal from the hurt and live your life to his glory. He gives you freedom from despair. He gives you a garment of praise.