Freedom from Mourning – Freedom for Joy

“The oil of joy instead of mourning.” Isaiah 61:3

Freedom from mourning

When you were abused as a child, you lost something. You lost your innocence. You lost your childhood. In its place you were given feelings of confusion, sadness, shame, and guilt. You began to live your life in mourning for what you lost. Many questions raced through your mind? Why did God let this happen? Will I ever feel hopeful about my future? Can I heal from this? Why don’t my Christian friends or my Christian pastor understand? This is all part of the mourning process. As with any loss, mourning take times. And with childhood abuse it can take a lot of time, especially if you were hurt early and often. But there is help. God can turn your mourning into gladness, your sadness into joy. He promises you freedom from mourning. He promises you . . .

Freedom for joy

“I almost feel guilty about feeling good.” This is how some grieving people describe their reaction to having a good day, or thinking a positive thought, or experiencing a happy moment. As you mourn your losses as a survivor of childhood abuse, you may have seen some glimpses of joy. Or maybe the darkness caused by your abuse continues to block out any ray of hope. Wherever you are on the journey of grief, God promises you a brighter future. He promises to turn your sadness into gladness. He promises us the oil of joy instead of mourning.